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What We Do

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We put people first, to maintain competitive prices while delivering highly livable homes with comfort superior to conventional housing. At AYO, we aim to improve the quality of life of Canadian First Nations in providing clean, safe, and healthy homes. We recognize that marginalized communities face disproportionate challenges in accessing adequate housing. We listen to the stories told from First Nation and remote communities, and continually improve our housing system to meet your common needs.

No More Mold

Our walls, ceilings, and floors are made of prefabricated Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) made with Magnesium Oxide (MgO) boards. MgO is moisture resistant, preventing mold growth and maintaining air quality in the home. Research findings show that after 24 hours of being completely submerged in water, our MgO boards were found to be only 26% saturated with water. In a completed build, with rain screen and siding, it is practically impossible for mold to grow. This moisture and mold resistance means the structural integrity of your home is maintained and the air you breathe is fresh and never contaminated.

Save Electricity, Save Money

Our SIPs are highly insulated and airtight. With less joints than a traditional build, there are less points for air to escape unintentionally, reducing the amount of energy needed to heat and cool the home. The amount of air that is lost to the outside is 8 times less than a traditionally built home. Instead of warm air leaking out through the walls and having to pay to heat the fresh air, AYO’s heat recovery system has fresh air constantly flowing that’s heated by the warm air flowing out. This provides a constant flow of fresh air without having to pay to heat it, the best of both worlds!

Built to Last

We use Magnesium Oxide boards as the siding for all of the interior and exterior walls, which gives a similar look to drywall, but is much stronger. The Magnesium Oxide compound has been used in construction for thousands of years including to build the Great Wall of China, which is holding up quite well! What this means is that your home will more than stand up to the wear and tear of daily life. The MgO board gives a very ‘solid’ feel, and also helps limit unwanted noise travelling through the walls.

Save Time, Save Money

The AYO system not only provides net-zero energy consumption and the same quality of finishing as a traditionally built home, but it does so for less money. By having the SIP panels constructed in a completely controlled environment, the components of the house are never exposed to harsh whether conditions during construction and are able to be ‘brand new’ when the home is built. Traditionally built home components can be exposed to rain and snow for months during construction. The envelope of the home can be ‘locked up’ in 1 week, which allows the homes to be constructed much faster than traditional homes and can also save 2-3 months of labour costs.

Custom Design

There’s a common misconception with prefabricated houses that they all have to look the same. This simply isn’t true. Our architect and design team sit with you and figure out exactly how you want your home to look. We take your vision for the home and integrate all of the smart home features into the design. Each home is individually designed according to what our clients want. This personalized approach is one of the many ways our homes are different than other prefabricated homes. Additionally, our materials are ‘over-engineered’ to ensure the quality of AYO homes exceeds that of traditional builds.

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How We Work


We meet and learn exactly what you're thinking in regards to what you need and want out of your home. We discuss what we can offer you and explain the AYO Smart Home system in a bit more depth and answer any questions you have. If we both agree that the AYO Smart Home is a good fit for you, we move on to…


This is where we really get down to ‘brass tacks’ and find out exactly what you want in your dream home. We go back and forth and let you know exactly what kind of costs you’re looking at for different designs of the house so we can give you the best possible house that fits your budget. If we agree on a design and general budget, we move on to a…


AYO will take your design and other comments and put together a comprehensive package that outlines exactly what components, features, and materials we will provide for a quoted price. This is where the key decision gets made by our clients if they are happy and would like to move forward to…


This is the stage where we will organize the whole construction process. Our system allows for a lot of interchangeability in regards to sub-trades. So if you are representing a community we can start to provide jobs to people able and willing to work on the project, helping keep a lot of the project budget within the community. From there we can start...


In addition to using local tradespeople to help build the home, we can also hire local unskilled labour to assist with the construction. With a short training session, we can provide employment to the local community by using local labour for the…


We start building the home in your community. The time it takes for the materials to arrive to the ‘lock up’ stage is relatively fast. Once the basic construction is completed, the finishing work is underway to beautify the home and add all the small touches that really make it a nice place to live and a house you can be proud to call home.

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