Delivering Sustainability through
Affordability, Efficiency, and Durability

AYO Smart Home is a leader in sustainable, energy efficient and affordable housing for remote communities. We put
people first to deliver highly livable housing with the comfort superior to conventional homes. Our materials
are rigorously tested and are proven to have low environmental impacts with high quality and durability.

Growing Communities
We don’t just build houses; we help grow communities – collaboratively.

AYO Smart Home provides Indigenous communities with energy efficient, quality and healthy homes at affordable prices using mould-free and fire resistant paneling and our proprietary integrated system.

Integrated Materials
AYO Smart Home brings an integrated system approach to designing and building homes that allows our highly
efficient components including: the building envelope, mechanical and electrical systems, clean power technologies,
optimized controls, and interior, to provide the highest efficiency possible – all while maintaining affordability.
The AYO Smart Home provides solutions that mark a new era in housing.

At AYO Smart Home, we:

offer affordable and energy efficient homes to Indigenous communities

supply prefabricated homes, that are quick to construct, and easy to transport

provide durable, high quality homes that are comfortable  for inhabitants

See what AYO Smart Home can do for you:

Why choose AYO Smart Home?

A Turn-Key Solution

AYO Smart Home’s pre-fabricated homes are built within 3 months, and designed to last a lifetime. From design to delivery, our process is streamlined to provide a painless solution without sacrificing quality. Using an integrative approach, our homes provide sustainability through affordability, efficiency, and durability.

Achieving Affordability 

AYO Smart Home achieves affordability in using pre-manufactured panels to drive down the cost of construction. Our uniform panel system requires less specialized work on site, allows for quicker construction and an overall reduction in labour costs.

Superior Durability 

Our pre-fabricated panels made of Magnesium Oxide Board (MgO) are fire and moisture resistant; preventing mould growth and maintaining high air quality.

Household Efficiency

Our highly insulated building envelope maintains home temperature, reducing energy consumption. Combined with our passive design approach, AYO Smart Homes are kept warm in the winter and cool throughout the summer.